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Hexenbrut ...The official witches "seal of approval"

We are proud to announce that Scheumack Broom Company will be the preferred official witches broom at hexenbrut dances all over the country this year! Here is a video of our fine local witches and dancers in Eugene.

Another of our PDX sisters in action!

We started out as a traditional broom-making company some 37 years ago. Since then we have found ourselves drawn into the world of magic, alchemy, and mindfulness.

Let's all have fun and do the best we can to make a better world as we approach this Sondheim.

In the appeal of a better world, I want to make sure all our wonderful Eugene customers are not misled. For 37 years we have provided an ethical product in a spirit that I hope is honorable. This past year two disgruntled employees have tried to steal the intellectual property of our long-term commitment and claim it as their own. Let me be clear that “Backwoods Broom Company” IS NOT Scheumack Broom Company. It’s a couple of thugs trying to ride on our coat-tails. Let your conscience be your guide. I believe in this Karma stuff!

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