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Changing the world one broom at a time

In a day when "globalization" means an easy profit for those that have no conscience against the cost; In a day when "planned obsolescence" is a calculated business strategy; In a day when the individual craftsman is a dying breed in a culture that seeks the latest thing, at the cheapest price knowing that tomorrow it will be outdated - or broken - our small business has not comprised.


It's a small thing. A broom. Some sticks, some kind of plant you've probably never heard of, and some images carved into some of the sticks.  But "from simple things do great things grow." From the Buddhist teachings of "Mindfulness", and "Meaningful Work" we offer you our humble craft. Whether your need is simply the best and longest lasting broom you've ever had, a ritual piece for a sacred spot in your life, a ceremonial piece for your wedding or hand fasting, or a theatrical piece, this is the real thing.

We know the kind of people that are attracted to our work are looking for a little more. They’re not just looking for the cheapest price. They see the importance of buying locally and effecting change with their purchasing power. They appreciate a good tool, and put more value on the quality and meaning of things they possess than just the quantity. If you are this kind of person, you are gonna love our work. 

We know our customers. It's the urban farmers and homesteaders. It's the upscale professional that wants to live a meaningful life. It's those that love the earth and want to preserve it for future generations. It's those who usually don't want to just walk the same old treadmill of life.

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