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Quidditch and

We’ve been in the business of making witches brooms for a long time. For the uninitiated, there is a new sport sweeping the country. It’s Quidditch, from Harry Potter lore. Communities and universities all over the country are developing Quiddditch teams that hope to bring in a new age with this magical new sport.

It’s no joke, it’s very serious stuff. Here’s a video of last year’s Quidditch world’s cup. They hope to make it a national sport and, if you watch the video, there’s not much doubt these are serious athletes. Hale to a new great sport. An integrated sport of men and women.

The broom shop has been working with our local community center for over ten years to promote this sport and an integrated activity. Contact the Amazon Community center in Eugene, Oregon about their summer youth’s programs.

It's a natural instinct for kids to want to “fly” on their brooms! Often children come up to us at a Fair and ask with wide-open eyes, “Do these brooms really fly?” Our disclaimer and stock answer is, “Well, that's up to the user”, “You see, we make the brooms but it's up to you to supply the magic!”

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