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Halloween and the art of broom standing

Have the children of your life in awe! Impress friends, family and neighbors with a magic broom!

Like most craft businesses, for many years we sold the most brooms during the Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday season. That has changed drastically.

The Halloween/Samhain season has become by far our biggest season of the year. Thank God it’s over! Those witches almost killed us making all those witches brooms.

I think this says a lot BUT what’s the deal about these standing brooms anyway? If you check it out on the internet, people are freaking out about these standing brooms!

Evidently, people around the country are starting to stand their brooms. It is said that during certain times of the year such as solstice and the equinox, when the planets line up right and the gravitational energies on the earth are greater, that brooms will stand up on their own. Check it out on the internet. I’m not making this up!

Now I’m not sure I believe this. I’m just a broom maker and a pretty practical guy. But, if this is true our brooms must be particularly magical because most of them will stand up any time, unless you have a very crooked one. If the broom is well centered, balanced and you have high quality broomcorn it should stand. But don’t do it for too long. It’s best always to hang your broom or stand it upside-down. You don’t want gravity to work against it.

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