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Renaissance Festival and brooms (Besoms)

I recently heard a comedian say, “My children think the Renaissance is something that happens in LA every summer!” Well, maybe it is. Those who truly know the history of the Renaissance festivals, which started in California in the 1960’s, know that they have had a huge influence in West Coast festival culture. The Oregon Country Fair started as a Renaissance Festival. Burning Man has strong ties to the Renaissance. Many of the people and promoters of our unique, crazy west coast festival culture has its roots in the Renaissance festivals, such as Reggae on the River.

The original Renaissance Pleasure Fair in Southern California begins April 2nd and runs every weekend thru May 15th this year in Irwindale. . Our little broom shop sprouted its wings at the Renn. Fairs over thirty years ago. If you’ve never been, do yourself a big favor and go this year. The Renaissance is defined as a time beginning in the 14th century that culturally brought us out of the middle ages into the modern era . We need a Renaissance. See you there. The Broom Shop

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