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It’s broomstick week!

Every winter we harvest, dry, and prepare our broomsticks. Often people ask us where the wood comes from. They are concerned about the environment and only want to support sustainable practices.

We work with an environmentally award winning group called the "Oregon Small Woodlands Association" who locally harvested our broom handles. They are a reforestation project that helps to restore woodlands that have been abused and neglected by the timber industry. Pictured above is one of the harvesters, L. Peterman with this years batch. He along with about four other people provide all our sticks.

I’m sure most of you hikers out there have seen land that is so overgrown with undergrowth of invasive species, such as scotch broom and saplings growing out of the stumps left behind by the logging industry, that you cannot even walk through it.

After harvesting and sorting the sticks the wood is bundled and kiln dried at a local kiln about six blocks from our shop in Eugene, Oregon.

We know our customers. We know the kind of people that are attracted to our work are looking for a little more. They’re not just looking for the cheapest price. They see the importance of buying locally and effecting change with their purchasing power. They appreciate a good tool, and put more value on the quality and meaning of things they possess than just the quantity. If you are this kind of person, you are going to love our work.

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