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100% Hand wound broomcorn whisk brooms. A favorite in the car or work area. There is a noticeable difference in using a real broomcorn broom when compared to synthetic brooms or brooms made from cheaper fibers such as yucca fiber. We make them the way they used to make them. They sweep better and last longer.


Our Turkey Wing Brooms are 100% hand-made using traditional tools and techniques. Approximately 14 inches long and weighing almost a full pound. We do the dying process with non toxic dyes that are stable and will not bleed under normal conditions. Not a flimsy synthetic brush, but a substantial broom. Great for getting in the mortar joints of masonry, like stone, wood stoves, pavers, a shop broom or good for tent camping. No “planned obsolescence” here! It should last for many years. Please note that our brooms are completely hand-made and can vary slightly in length, weight and color

Whisk Broom

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