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Do a little research and you will quickly see it is widely accepted that the best feathers for dusting purposes are “ostrich” feathers. The electrostatic nature, as well as the natural oils in the ostrich feather, attracts and holds fine dust rather than simply knocking the dust in the air and redistributing it somewhere else. Any professional house cleaner that has experience with them will tell you so. The overall length of the duster is approximately 28 inches. The length of the ostrich feathers are about 14 inches and our dusters have about TWICE the number of feathers then any commercial dusters available that we know of. They are very light, weighing about half a pound.

The problem is, the only place you can find a real “ostrich “ feather duster of any size is through a professional cleaning supply company or specialty store. They are difficult to find. The ones available commercially are usually very small, with ostrich feathers that are only about 4 inches long or “plastic” feather dusters …..HUH! You spray the plastic with an aerosol product , such as Endust. What?.... that's not much fun! There's also lambs wool, which is good for some things but not very good for fine dust. Imagine blinds, a wine rack or your grandmothers antique glass collection, a time consuming pain to clean, right? An “ostrich feather duster is so soft and attracts fine dust so well, you'll love it.

Did I mention soft? Our feathers are so tactile, our customers seem to find all kinds of new uses for them. Hummm ! We just make the dusters. We don't ask questions!

Ostrich Feather Duster

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