In case you can't read our shop hoodies, it says .....

"Broom Makers Do It Better"   -Thanks Emily
aka  Scheumack Broom Company

The Broomshop Crew

AKA  "children of the Broomcorn"

      People are always welcome to come to our shop. It's not pretty or cute. We're not cute. It's a working shop. It's usually dirty and we're up to our ankles in broomcorn and sticks, but people seem to love it anyway. They usually comment about how good it smells and how we seem “more like a family than a business”. Well, we are kind of like a family and rather than try and figure out who's more important we'll just list them in alphabetical order.


    Adina is a successful artist in her own right. She was set up next to Thurman (the “Broomguy”) at an art festival in Seattle in 1998. Thus began a craftshow romance that has lasted almost twenty years. Over time she has gotten more involved in the broom business. She brings her expertise to many areas of the broomshop and takes the rough edges off what can often be a rather crude business. She sees our needs and fills in the gaps.  Adina is the inspiration behind this website.


Sam "Broomchick"

    Sam, also known as “Broomchick” is our resident witch and loves dabbling in all things paranormal. If you are an aspiring witch, vampire, werewolf or zombie...... “Sam” is who we will probably refer you to. When she's not dabbling in magic Samantha exorcises her own inner demons onstage as a local punk/rock and roll celebrity. She manages her own website selling Scheumack Brooms on Etsy.


    Thurman founded the broom shop in 1981. He's passed down the things he learned to some great people. It's a long road from the hills of Arkansas to Eugene, Oregon. “What a long, strange trip it's been!”

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