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Terms And Conditions



    We love our customers and look for ways to serve them and meet their needs. But because there are a few people who are not like our customers we have a strict set of terms and conditions as follows.


    By accessing this site, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions for all content, use of content or products on this site. All content, in text, data, audio, visual, image or other format is protected by international copyright law and can not be used, duplicated or distributed in whole or in part without express written permission by Broom Magic. Products depicted may not be copied, duplicated, reverse engineered or used to prototype or otherwise model competing products for any reason.


    Any use or miss use of products provided by this site or its affiliates must strictly adhere to the licensed provisions for said products or services.


    Any violation of copyright protection or restrictions will be treated as illegal and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

further any proper and lawful use of any products or services sold or delivered from this site or it's affiliate or sub sites shall in no way imply or create any sort of liability for said products/services use or misuse by Scheumack Broom Company or it's affiliates or sub sites.

Any attempts to boost (copy illegally) steal, illegally obtain, trick or hack, falsify identity, forge fake payment information or provide false or stolen payment information to this site, it's affiliates or sub sites will be consider grounds for criminal prosecution.

IP addresses are logged during checkout to aid in the tracking and apprehension of illegal activity.




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