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Standing about 56 inches tall and weighting approximately 3 pounds, this broom is extremely functional as well as decorative. It is an organic, locally made must have for the environmentally conscious, sustainable household. The natural color of the plant in its natural state. It seems to fit in everywhere, from the urban farmer's home to the upscale, sophisticated household that appreciates nature. Get in the habit of “hanging” your broom when not in use and it should last you for many years of daily use.


This seems to be the broom of choice for the discerning witch. It is often used in cleansing ceremonies, weddings, hand-fasting and sweat lodges. A little searching online will show you many ways to embellish this broom to make it unique for your individual wedding or hand-fasting. Dig a little deeper and you'll find lots of information available about the way different cultures used the broom or “Besom” in rituals.

Witch's Besom

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