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Buy hand crafted besom, "jumping the broom" wedding brooms, and witches brooms and wonderful magic hand-fasting brooms, all made in the pacific northwest by nationally known Scheumack Broom Company.

Every Kind of Broom! 

  • Jumping broom, Wedding Ceremonial "jumping the broom" wedding brooms 
  • Celtic traditional brooms, Renaissance, and theatrical brooms
  • Witches brooms, Magic Brooms witches besoms
  • Kitchen & fireplace hearth, Hand-Fasting brooms
  • Hand carved, hand crafted, hand made, one of a kind brooms
  • Carved walking sticks, walking staffs, wooden dust pants, back scratchers 

Please note: Many sites, sell our copies of our brooms, some of them of lower quality. To ensure you get the best quality in materials and craftsman ship, insist on one of our exceptional brooms. We appreciate your support!

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Carved Hearth Broom - Shaker
A functional fireplace length broom with our “Green Man” or “Tree Spirit” hand sculpted in the hardwood handle. A traditional European wood carving style dating to the Middle ages, which, folklore states, would protect one’s home.
Our Price: US$64.00

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Earlier cultures seemed to have a broom for every purpose. This long, thin, light broom is a traditional Appalachian design made for getting into tight and high places.
Our Price: US$25.00

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Kid's Brooms
This is a miniature version of our full sized kitchen broom. This isn’t a toy store broom that will fall apart. Not only can you use it …… it sweeps better and lasts many times longer than it’s commercial counterparts.
Our Price: US$29.00

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Kitchen Broom
Our most versatile overall broom. Not only can you use it for decorattion and daily house hold sweeping, but it sweeps better and lasts many times longer than it’s commercial counterparts. Extremely functional and decorative as well as being a blessing to your home.
Our Price: US$42.00

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Turkey Wing Broom
A traditional hand broom dating back to colonial America.
Our Price: US$24.00

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Witches ( Ceremonial ) Broom
The besom is the old world term for a broom to be used for more than just sweeping. A favorite for weddings, handfastings and housewarmings.
Our Price: US$42.00

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